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"Getting to know your goals, the image you wish to reflect and the life style you want to lead is key to identifying the style that suits you best without compromising your comfort and ability to go about your daily life without confinement."

Living in Melbourne is a privilege, our great city offers a diversity of styles and never ending supply of fashion and trends inspirations. But Melbourne also offers great life style, abundance of fashion and accessories stores, shopping centres and the best coffee in the world. If this is an indication of culture, then we can confidently say that fashion and style are embedded into the Melbourne culture.

First, we talk style..

The first step is to meet you to discuss your requirement and identify your goals. Meeting our clients for the first time is always exciting and, as your personal stylists, we are eager to meet you and get into the task of bringing about the style that represents you best. Our first meeting will be an informal get together over a cup of coffee or tea where we discuss all aspects and options of constructing the style that achieves the image you desire.

Some of the things we will discuss include:

  • Your body shape and the style form or fashion cut that suits your body shape.
  • Colours that would enhance your body and skin tone.
  • Your life style including work and the category of clothing and accessories that suits your life style.
  • Your likings and disliking and the style that best represents your personality.

Our philosophy is that fashion is only one components of style and that style must serve us well if it is to be a good style. Melbourne is home to people from all walks of life and a diversity of personal and professional interests, therefore, it naturally showcases a variety of styles, fashion designs and trendy looks. Some industry and business owners and employees would naturally require different look and style compared to those who work in other industries. Some may be formal, while others may require more casual styles. At the same time, everyone wants to look and feel good when it is time to go out after working hours or to attend a big event or celebration. Our first meeting is focused on identifying all the elements that construct the style that fits you best and suits the circumstances and events you attend whether it is work or social outings.

Fashion Accessories & your Style..

Fashion Accessories are a delicate component of style. For a woman, it may be jewellery or supplement clothing items, and for a man, it may be a watch, a tie pin or a bracelet. Whatever the accessory is, it has an effect on your overall look. Accessories are part of style and people often select accessories that represent their personality. Our challenge is to identify the accessories that complete your overall look and still represents the true you. We discuss fashion accessories during our first meeting and give you the best advice on what suits best and complements your style.

Out with the old, in with the new..

Fashion is an evolving thing. It is the creation of living artists that design and create new trends constantly. Fashion, if chosen properly, represents the free side of your personality and it works to serve project a modern and up-to-date look for you. Therefore, having good clothes in the closet does not necessarily mean having stylish clothes. One of the most important things to understand is that new styles and modern fashion is not price or label based, it is fitment, fabric and suitability for you. Even the most expensive clothing garment would not reflect a stylish look unless it fits properly and suits your personality. Therefore, we always advice out clients to consider all options before they go on spending their life saving on expensive dresses or suits. There are options that offer good style for a little less than you would imagine. In some cases, we may recommend a top label or unique product because we know it serves the objectives of the client. The important thing is to keep an open mind.

We'll show you things..

As personal stylist and fashion adviser, we appreciate the importance of visual presentation. We bring some ideas with us, fashion books and magazines, photographs and even fabric samples if needed. We like to demonstrate the image and style we construct and are happy to share our notes and ideas with our clients. Often, we visit stores to show clients the products and styles we recommend.

Now what..?!

Once we completed our style and fashion consultation, our client can chose to let us guide them through their shopping venture. In addition to being your stylist, we are your personal shoppers. Find out more about our Personal Shopper Service and the packages we offer. The majority of our clients say that shopping is their favourite part of our service.. We're not surprised.

Find more about the Personal Shopper Service

"Testimonial", Arli is Amazing! She does it all! even Eyebrow Feathering

Do you need a stylist?

A stylist is a professional who's main task is to help you achieve a stylish look so that you can project a great image and feel fantastic. Often, clients approach us for any of the following reasons:

  • Need a new look.
  • Attending a special event.
  • Significant changes in personal circumstances.
  • Looking to meet someone or before going out on a special date.
  • Attending a job interview or starting a new job.
  • Glamour Photography.
  • Change in physique like weight loss.

One of the greatest benefits our clients gain from engaging our services is that they become informed shoppers. This means less time shopping, buying the right clothes and accessories and spending less money. The information we give you will empower you with the ability to make the right choices when it comes to style and fashion shopping quickly and efficiently.


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Style Collective are Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper professionals, but our main strength is in our pasion for meeting and helping others. We love helping people get informed, practical and economical when it comes to constructing their style and shopping for clothes.. Our promise is to help you:

  • Look & feel stylish & cofident
  • Know your body shape & colours
  • Improve your overall image
  • Be practical & find clothing items effortlessly
  • Be introduced to new stores & places to shop
  • Buy quality items for reasonable prices
  • Take control and authority on your fashion & shopping

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