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"Melbourne is home to a wide range of department stores like Myer and David Jones, independent fashion stores as well as flagship and specialised fashion and accessories stores. Knowing what to buy, where to shop for the best prices means less money and time spent on shopping. We can make it all happen."

The majority of shoppers in Melbourne see shopping for clothes and fashion accessories as a chore. Shopping for clothes is often associated with stress, confusion and spending saving or limitting the credit card. Shopping for clothes does not have to be this hard or daunting. As matter of fact, once you've experienced our personal shopping service, you will start to like shopping more, be able to save time and money and, more importantly, stock your wardrobe with clothes that you actually like and wear.

Where to find clothes that look good on you..

At Stytle Collective, Arli Jade worked very hard on surveying fashion stores all over Melbourne and has become familiar with their products, styles and price ranges. After our initital Style Consultation, we would have identified the styles that suits you best for the purposes you and objectives you have. With that information, we can easily identify the shopping locations that we know will cater for your style, clothing and accessories items and the budget you set. We simply know where to get what you look for and for the best possible prices. Although boutique and independent fashion stores hold more custom and unique designs and styles, we can identify particular product ranges that are sold at department and flagship stores like Myer and David Jones. Expect to visit a number of stores with your Style Collective shopper and model items that suit you best.

What do I get..?

After spending some time shopping with our personal shoppers, you will realise that you:

  • Bought clothes that suit your body and enhance your image.
  • Bought clothes you actually like and admire and are unlikely to change your mind about them.
  • Bought clothes that you actually wear rather than sit in your wardrobe to collect dust.
  • Bought a mix of styles and colours that you can mix to make outfits that look new each and every time.
  • Bought a ccessories that refresh the look of your outfits with simple mixing and matching.
  • Spent less time and money.
  • Enjoyed shopping

Is it expensive..?..

The majority of our clients come with a relatively small budget. As matter of fact we advice you to start your shopping venture with a smaller budget. The beneift of this approach is that you can use your initial budget as a training budget for yourself to see, know and understand how to shop for yourself and be able to buy more items for less money. This then gives you knowledge and practice to do it yourself without the expense of a Personal Shopper. Often, clients set a budget of $1,000. We send them back with some change in their pocket. For example, we found that clients who often spent $1,000 shopping by themselves bought less items and items that were used less. With the personal shopping service, we managed to buy more items, better quality items and items that are used by the client frequently. The savings, in some cases, represented over 30% on the over-all shopping expense.

We know our stores..

Style Collective Personal Stylists and Shoppers are familiar with fashion and accessories stores around Melbourne. We often carry out personal shopping ventures with clients in Melbourne CBD, Highpoint Shopping Centre, Chadstone, Doncaster, Southland, Knox and Fountain Gate. At the same time, we know many other stores in varying locations that provide that unique product range and style specialty.

We construct an entire wardrobe with less items..

One of the important things we consider when we provide a personal shopper service is buying clothes and accessories that can be mixed to form new looking outfits each and every time an item is worn. Your Style Collective Personal Shopper can help you buy items that can be used to construct different outfits by mixing and adding different accessories to finish the new look. For example, a scarf can be worn in over 20 different ways, each will make your top look like an item you have never been seen wearing before. So, your personal shopper is key to showing you fashion and style tricks that will allow you to get better use from your clothes and be confident in wearing all of your clothes with equal pleasure.

Now what..?!

If you find clothes shopping annoying or draining, mentally, physically or financially, then you need to talk to us at Style Collective. Let us meet for one-on-one Style Consultation Service to identify your style that enhances your image and achieves your goals. After that, we will go shopping and get you the items that make your style plan come to a beautiful and admirable reality.

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Save time and money

As your Parsonal Shopper, I will be able to help and guide you become an informed fashion and accessories shopper with first hand experience. Shopping need not be stressing, time and money wasting, rather, it can be fun and enjoyable. Knowing where to shop for your style and the type of clothing that suits your body mean less time spent looking and less stress. I can also give you advice and tips on where to get the best sales in Melbourne, the fashion stores that offer the best service and prices and the most practical shopping tips that will save you time and money. Melbourne is a big fashion city and finding what you need can daunting, but with our help, we make shopping easy, fun and affordable. We go shopping with clients including:

  • Looking for new trends and styles.
  • Attending a special event.
  • Groups looking for matching outfits.
  • Looking for cothes before a particular season.
  • Lookings for the best sales in Melbourne.
  • Have very little time to spend on shopping.

Despite the common perciption that Personal Shopping is a luxury and expensive service, Personal Shopping in Melbourne has become popular because of the benefits it offers and the fact that it is very affordable. In fact, personal shopping is not for the expert or rich fashionista, it is for ordinary people who, some times, struggle to find their place in the trending styles and need a helping hand. That is why we ensure our service is friendly, relaxed, pressure free and affordable.


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Style Collective are Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper professionals, but our main strength is in our passion for meeting and helping others. We love helping people get informed, practical and economical when it comes to constructing their style and shopping for clothes.

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