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"The process of finding a suitable style that represents you and brings out the best look can be daunting for the average shopper let alone finding where to find the best clothes and accessories that make that style a reality. Style Collective is your solution to find your style, make shopping fun and enjoyable and save time and money."

We talk to shoppers in Melbourne frequently and are not surprised to find that the majority of shoppers find shopping an unwanted task to say the least. One of our clients said "I hate shopping and avoided it all the time until I literally had to go buy what I needed". Melbourne is a magical fashion haven where styles and fashionable clothing and accessories are plentiful and the range of fashion products is endless. We then realised that the problem with shopping for clothes is in fact caused by two things, inability to identify your style, and, the endless choices of clothing and accessories. This makes us value what we know and eager to help others overcome these problems with professional, yet simple, styling advice and a lending a helping hand identify the best fashion clothes and accessories stores and deals for each individual client. The reality is once you have taken a step towards a complete styling and shopping venture, you will enjoy the process of building your new look and the shopping trip that will follow.

Why a Style Consultation before shopping..?

A Style Consultation is key to identifying the look that suits you best. Your style is your manual to guide you to the proper clothing items that will bring out the best look. A styling consultation is an assessment of you and constructing a look that represents you without compromising comfort. This means good attractive looks with confidence. In order to identify your style, we identify your body shape, skin tone, a little about your life-style and what your objectives and goals are. This means that we can construct a style that is suited for you, good clothes, good colours and clothes that you can function in regardless of the purpose you wear them for.

You may ask our Personal Stylist to help you find a dress or a suit for a particular occasion, and while you are curious to see what they suggest, they are busy thinking or what could serve you, not only for this occasion, but get more use and benefit from your expense in future occasions. Therefore, our stylists think and functions to get you the best possible outcome from any purchase, so, be open minded and you will be amazed at the results we achieve for you.

Your personal stylist will simply construct your style and fashion plan based on enhancing your overall image, feeling of confidence, accentuating and bringing out the attractive characteristics in your body and skin. Melbourne fashion identity is based on fluid and variable styles and choices. Melbourne shoppers often set out to make their own fashion statements and are less confined to the strict rules of fashion. We will do a thorough styling plan for you and include, not only clothing, but also ad-ons and accessories that will enhance your style and maintain a fresh look of your outfits constantly.

Why a Personal Shopper..?

Once we identified and constructed your style, we need to put together a collection of clothes that will translate that style. This is perhaps where most struggle. A visit to any shopping centre in Melbourne or the Melbourne City malls is proof that finding what you want, for the price you can afford is not that simple. Clothes and fashion accessories shopping in Melbourne can be daunting and is seen, by many, as a mammoth task. The number of stores, the variety of styles and range of products and items are endless. Add to this, those hidden places that you never knew of and that do in fact offer great products and wonderful deals. Your Style Collective Personal Shopper is the answer to all of your questions and concerns.. We know where to find the items that achieves your desired style and we know how to get your new clothes for great prices saving you time and money.

Style Collective Personal Shopping is about using our knowledge of the clothing and fashion industry in Melbourne and getting what our clients need and want for a suitable price. We know clothes retailers in Melbourne and we are able to identify the stores that have the clothes and accessories implement your style. More importantly, we recommend stores that offer good quality products that can be trusted.

Your Personal Shopper also helps you construct your wardrobe with less items and more use. This means that we guide you to buy items that can be mixed and matched and allow for accessories to be added so that your outfits always look new, fresh and attractive. Regardless of purpose or style, your personal shopper will be able to give you honest recommendation and advice and help you purchase clothes that you will always like wearing. Whether you are looking for a one-off formal outfit like a suite or a dress, or looking for business attire, casual wear for everyday use or embarking upon travel and wanting some adventure and casual clothing, we know where to get you the clothes and accessories that will achieve the best look for you.

Does it all happen at the same time..?

That depends on how much we know about your requirements before we meet for the initial Style Consultation. That also depends on whether you have time for both, the consultation and shopping. In some cases we would go back and research our best shopping locations and make product enquiries before we go shopping. In other cases, we would go shopping immediately after the consultation, especially if you need some clothes prior to an arranged event that fast approaching. Often, we would have a telephone discussion before we meet. This would help us identify the most likely fashion shopping location that would contain stores that would cater for your style. If the shopping trip is postponed, it is often conducted within less than a week from our initial meeting. Breaking the process into two stages does not affect our price offer and we will honour our price commitment.

What to do next..

Start your complete styling and shopping journey today by calling us on 0431 538 447 or complete the contact form below and give us as much details as you can so that we can plan your consultation and get you the look you desire soon.

Save time and money

As your Parsonal Shopper, I will be able to help and guide you become an informed fashion and accessories shopper with first hand experience. Shopping need not be stressing, time and money wasting, rather, it can be fun and enjoyable. Knowing where to shop for your style and the type of clothing that suits your body mean less time spent looking and less stress. I can also give you advice and tips on where to get the best sales in Melbourne, the fashion stores that offer the best service and prices and the most practical shopping tips that will save you time and money. Melbourne is a big fashion city and finding what you need can daunting, but with our help, we make shopping easy, fun and affordable. We go shopping with clients including:

  • Looking for new trends and styles.
  • Attending a special event.
  • Groups looking for matching outfits.
  • Looking for cothes before a particular season.
  • Lookings for the best sales in Melbourne.
  • Have very little time to spend on shopping.

Despite the common perciption that Personal Shopping is a luxury and expensive service, Personal Shopping in Melbourne has become popular because of the benefits it offers and the fact that it is very affordable. In fact, personal shopping is not for the expert or rich fashionista, it is for ordinary people who, some times, struggle to find their place in the trending styles and need a helping hand. That is why we ensure our service is friendly, relaxed, pressure free and affordable.


Style Consultation & 2 Hours fashion shopping


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