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If fashion and designer labels would have a home, it would be Melbourne. Melbourne is now recognised as one of the iconic fashion capitals of the world and gives home to almost all international designer and fashion labels.

Aside from labels, Melbourne is a place where smaller flagship and boutique fashion stores thrive and nourish with a never ending stream of ideas and designs. Clothing imported from Europe, including Italy, France and the UK, as well as the USA and Asia, are relatively easy to find in Melbourne and in stores scattered in shopping centres and all around the suburbs.

This makes Melbourne an ideal place to shop for style. The diversity of products and the wider range of designs and styles on offer makes shoppers almost certain that they will find what they look for. The secret, however, is to know where to shop. The most popular places for fashion and clothes shopping in Melbourne are large shopping centres like Chadstone, Doncaster, Knox City and Southland. Shopping centres host a variety of boutique stores but also designer label shops like Gucci, Boss, Versace, Cannel, Calvin Klein and Prada not to mention large department stores like David Jones and Meyer. At the same time, there are smaller boutique stores and clothes importers that offer a variety of good quality fashion items and accessories and for affordable prices.

Fashion and the City..

Melbourne City is a perfect place to shop for clothes. Shopping Tourism is becoming a source of business to shop owners in Melbourne CBD. It is estimated that foreign shoppers spend hundreds of millions of dollars on fashion shopping in Melbourne CBD alone. Most fashion and clothing designer labels operate branch stores in Melbourne City. This puts Melbourne at the same level as Paris, London and Milan when it comes to fashion. Melbourne hosts regular fashion shows and consider fashion as part of its culture, therefore, fashion stores and styling outlets are easily accessible.

The Best Shops..??

In all honesty, there is no such thing as 'the best shop'.. simply because the best shop is the shop that offers what you look for. So, the best shop for someone may not be the same shop for someone else. Of course, customer services, presentation and accessible location all play important roles in making a good store, but the suitability of the products remain the dominant factor. Take for example the business man who buys his suits from that little boutique shop tucked away in the back alley. The store may not be well decorated, the windows does not display the latest manikins and the store is small and feels cramped, yet, it offers good quality clothing and offers the style the customer looks for. This is evidence that despite the big style presentation, unless the store offers its customers the quality and style they seek, it will not make the cut.

A recent survey of Fashion Stores in Melbourne revealed that the most favoured fashion and clothing stores do not include designer label branches or department stores. The shopper survey revealed that the top 20 stores were all boutique fashion and clothing stores. These include Smart Alec, Shag, Scally and Trombone, Incu, Braun Buffel, Fame Agenda, Lady Petrova, Elegantly Scant, Love me & Leave me, Retrostar, Milko, Eliza Baker , Christine, Beggar - Man - Thieve, The Bag Department, Grace, Antons, Oscar & The Wild and So:me Space.

Melbourne Bargain Hunters..

Why Not!.. Who wouldn't love a bragain..? Statistically, even people who are financially comfortable and often buy 'expensive things' love to get a bargain. One of the things that make Melbourne diverse as far as shopping is that discounts, price reductions, cash backs, specials and sales are part of the common business module. Indeed, there is hardly a time that you go shopping in Melbourne or the suburbs when you do not see the big sale signs spread across the shop-front. We, at Style Collective, are bargain hunters ourselves, however, we've identified, not only the stores that have offered good sales, but those who offer great sales frequently. Most importantly, we deal with stores that provide excellent quality products. We see the amazement on our clients' faces when they realise that their purchases of good quality and designer label clothing cost them not much more than what they would have spent at ordinary stores or online.

Everyone knows that sales attract customers. Go no further than the rush for sales at department stores like Meyer. The reality is there are stores that offer great quality fashion and clothing items for even lower prices and we see identifying those great deals as part of our business module.

Do you need a stylist?

A stylist is a professional who's main task is to help you achieve a stylish look so that you can project a great image and feel fantastic. Often, clients approach us for any of the following reasons:

  • Need a new look.
  • Attending a special event.
  • Significant changes in personal circumstances.
  • Looking to meet someone or before going out on a special date.
  • Attending a job interview or starting a new job.
  • Glamour Photography.
  • Change in physique like weight loss.

One of the greatest benefits our clients gain from engaging our services is that they become informed shoppers. This means less time shopping, buying the right clothes and accessories and spending less money. The information we give you will empower you with the ability to make the right choices when it comes to style and fashion shopping quickly and efficiently.

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Let's go shopping..

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