Fashion for Men in Melbourne

In just the last three years or so, the number of men's fashion stores rose significantly. This is because the market demands such increase to cater for the never ending and growing interest in fashion by men.

In Melbourne, department stores like Meyer and David Jones, flagship stores and boutiques, labels and brand stores like Connor, Tarocash, YD and Roger David expanded the sizes of their men's clothing departments and floor sizes. If this means anything, it means that men are becoming increasingly interested in style and seek to wear fashionable clothes.

Large shopping centres in the city and shopping centres like Chadstone, Knox, Southland, Highpoint and Doncaster have increased the store and floor space allocation to men's fashion.

Men's Fashion and age..

One of the noticeable trends in the men's fashion growth is that men of higher ages are becoming increasingly interested in fashionable clothes. Style is no longer limited to the 'younger guy'. Stores like Country Road have a wide range of products that represents modern fashion for gentlemen of almost all ages, even late 60's. Fashion Marketing material now contains images and photos of 'older' gentlemen modelling products in all styles from formal and business clothing to casual and adventure outfits.

At the same time, younger generations are interested in trends and the latest looks. Styles, cuts and colours are now almost unlimited. Red, yellow, mustard, green and orange are quite common in men's clothing. Having said that, trending seasonal colours still dominate the product ranges on offer in men's clothing shops. Look no further than the store front windows to see the similarity in the colour collections on display.

Mens' Fashion Styles

Men's fashion styles..

Men's clothing comes in various categories and are of course designed to cater for a variety of wear and use.

The most common men's clothing category is the Casual Clothing. Neat casual clothing provides diversity and flexibility of use. You can wear neat casual clothing to work, business meetings and even some formal events. Business attire is another category. Business suits, shirts, ties and shoes sell very well. Business wear is perhaps the largest in men's clothing because it is not limited to a particular age or interest. Professionals and business operators and employees are young and old, large and small. Therefore, finding a good suit can be tricky as each label or brand has its own characteristics which may not be fit or comfortable for just everyone. Adventure clothing is a form of casual wear that is designed to withstand frequent wear and focus less on colour matching and accessories. Stores like the Surf Shop and Just Jeans carry a wide range of adventure wear and, while it is very popular, selecting the adventure wear that suits you can be challenging due to the massive collection of products.

Your body shape and style colours..

Men also have different body shapes and skin colour tones. Therefore, when buying clothes, the style cut, fabric and colours are key to constructing a fashionable look.

At Style Collective, we can help you identifying the style and clothes that suits you best and give a confident image without compromising comfort. We deal with a number of Men's clothing stores around Melbourne and can help you get that stylish look you always wanted.

Contact us today to book a Style Consultation and design a plan to get the look that represents you.

Do you need a stylist?

A stylist is a professional who's main task is to help you achieve a stylish look so that you can project a great image and feel fantastic. Often, clients approach us for any of the following reasons:

  • Need a new look.
  • Attending a special event.
  • Significant changes in personal circumstances.
  • Looking to meet someone or before going out on a special date.
  • Attending a job interview or starting a new job.
  • Glamour Photography.
  • Change in physique like weight loss.

One of the greatest benefits our clients gain from engaging our services is that they become informed shoppers. This means less time shopping, buying the right clothes and accessories and spending less money. The information we give you will empower you with the ability to make the right choices when it comes to style and fashion shopping quickly and efficiently.

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