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Everyone wants to look good and feel good. Looking fashionable and in with the times is one of the things that boost confidence and feel great. Studies show that people admire fashion because it sets a standard by which appearance is gauged and evaluated. In other words, the world we live in tells us that how good you look is, to a certain degree, measured by how fashionable you are. Right or wrong, this is reality.

Even as style and fashion specialists, we, at Style Collective, have views about fashion and style. We don't always agree with trends. We have our own views, taste and interpretation of style. Simply, we don't always agree that fashion is necessarily a good look. But what we can say is that different styles suit different people. There is fashion for men and fashion for women, but there is also styles for different women and different men. Often, the choice of style we make is influenced by a number of factors, body shape, age, skin tone and weight to name a few. But, ultimately, there is a style that suits you regardless of the category you fall under. Yes, an overweight person can look stylish, fashionable and attractive provided they select the style that suits them best.

Melbourne is a city that has an embedded fashion culture and has been serving its unique fashion scene for many years. We are not talking about the fashion shows, large shopping centre events and products launches, rather, we are talking about ordinary people creating their own unique fashion statements and wearing their clothes with pride regardless of the common standard. This free thinking and self-expression is a direct result of living in a free society that accepts individualism and all that comes with it from freedom f speech and expression to religious beliefs and appearance. Melbourne has become recognised for its unique and its own branded fashion, so much so, that professional photographers and fashion hunters like Phil Oh from Street Peeper travel regularly to Melbourne to take shots of ordinary people making a fashion statement.

Fashion and Style..

When fashion was initially recognised, it was not meant to represent style. Fashion simply meant 'well dressed'. This begs the question, is well-dressed always stylish..? The general belief is that good clothes do not always mean style. A style is something with more depth in meaning and relates directly to each individual. Style is a combination of things apart of which is fashion. Your posture, self-confidence and your communication skills can add to, and enhance, your style. Therefore, labels, brands, expensive clothing items may not be the choice for everyone, yet, even basic and simple fashion approach can achieve a stylish look.strong> Fashion is, nowadays, influenced by many things including designer expressions, celebrities and commercial entities. Fashion is an industry, style is a personal thing. Therefore, when we discuss your style, we are eager to know about your goals, objectives, life-style and the things you want to represent in your new look. We believe that fashion should be used to create a suited style.

Does fashion need to be new..?

The simple answer is 'Yes'. The reality is fashionable people are people who are in with the times, they wear newly released cloth designs and styles and fashion accessories. All good things have style, but they might not be fashionable. The old rain-coat which your grandfather left you might be of good quality, stylish and practical, but it is not necessarily in fashion. You probably ask, if it is good quality, then who cares. People do. If you care about presenting an acceptable image, you must consider the way you present yourself to others. Therefore, new fashion is a safe platform because it is taken as the 'norm' and people become accustomed to it.

How do I find my style..?

This is what makes us personal stylists and fashion consultants. We help people find their style and then go on to gather the fashion items that represents that style. Those fashion items are modern, up to date and durable into the foreseen time. As general rules, always identify your body shape, skin tone and suitable colours, the life-style you lead and the type of wear that serves good appearance as well as practicality. Sure, anyone can walk into a store and buy good pants or shirt, but the real question is whether there would have been a better alternative to their choice. Constructing a style means that you now have a fashion entity that represents you. You can then gather clothing items and accessories that you can mix and match and constantly look and feel great.

Do you need a stylist?

A stylist is a professional who's main task is to help you achieve a stylish look so that you can project a great image and feel fantastic. Often, clients approach us for any of the following reasons:

  • Need a new look.
  • Attending a special event.
  • Significant changes in personal circumstances.
  • Looking to meet someone or before going out on a special date.
  • Attending a job interview or starting a new job.
  • Glamour Photography.
  • Change in physique like weight loss.

One of the greatest benefits our clients gain from engaging our services is that they become informed shoppers. This means less time shopping, buying the right clothes and accessories and spending less money. The information we give you will empower you with the ability to make the right choices when it comes to style and fashion shopping quickly and efficiently.

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