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Fashion.. Is it organic or custom..?

"Fashion is not meant to be that mesmerising thing for us to all follow to impress others. Fashion is about selecting the style that suits you best in a world of evolving trends. Fashion is a business.. style is a personal thing, it's your image, it's you."

Melbourne is a city where trending styles are always on display and that is what we love about this beautiful place. As a stylist, my passion is to help others identify that style that makes them look good, feel good and look modern and trendy.


I have worked in the fashion industry for many years and have been providing personal stylist and personal shopper services for the last six years. I love what I do because the rewards are always visible. Being a stylist, I start with understanding the client, their appearance, fashion likings and dislikings and even a little about their life style. This helps me visualise that image the client wants to protray about themselves. I have worked with clients of different ages, social backgrounds, careers and statuses and always appreciated the importance of understanding each and every client's objectives for hiring me as a style consultant. Having established a wide scope of contacts and dealings within the fashion industry in Melbourne, I am able to identify the best possible stores to bring a style to life. I only deal and recommend clothing and accessory retailers that provide quality products for reasonable prices regardless of labels. You will surprised at how far your budget can get you with the right advice and recommendation.

Through conducting numerous personal shopping ventures with clients, I became more and more experienced at making the trip pleasant, enjoyable and even theraputic for clients. We visit stores together, we walk together and shop together and, of course, enjoy a coffee or a tea together.

I like..

Meeting new people makes it all worth while, they are my clients who eventually become my friends. I have a strong passion for helping people look and feel good. I love helping people see their stylish appearance that brings out the best in them and makes them admire what they see in the mirror. The smile of satisfaction on every client's face is priceless. I enjoy good company, nice tea and a good chat about style and fashion. I also appreciate hearing back from my clients and being updated on their style travels.. I do not mind the occasional question or request for style advice which I would gladly answer whenever possible.

Style Collective Profile

A style consultation and personal shopping service providers established and managed by an experienced stylist with a background in the fashion industry.

Location: Melbourne

Overall Industry: Fashion & Personal Development

Affiliation: We are independent, however, we deal with a variety of designer label stores, flagship stores, independent fashion and accessory stores as well as department stores and shopping centres where quality products and appropriate pricing is offered.

Our Clients: People from all walks of life, of different ages and life styles seeking style advice and shopping assistance for interest in fashion, special ocassion appearances, group appearances, pre-photo preparation as well as professional and career image enhancement.

Style Collective provides style consultation and personal shopping services

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